The Costa Mesa coding class we offer teaches you a high demand skill. Being a software programmer changes your life for the better. Over the years we’ve noticed it also fosters some excellent personality traits.

Here are 5 of the big ones:


Part of what you’ll learn at this Costa Mesa coding class is grace under pressure. The time will come when you’ll be in a work environment, and will need to work to deadline. If you’re working under a tight timeframe that can be nerve racking.

That’s why learning how to stay composed and patient is so important. Not only will you get the problem solved faster, staying calm makes you look professional.

If you look at problems like learning experiences, you’ll be able to stay composed.


Costa Mesa coding class

After you land a job, you’ll realize our Costa Mesa coding class has prepared you for the business world. If you are developing applications for industry, you’ll need to talk to business users and clients. Communicating with them so you can understand what they want is an essential tool in your coding kit.

You’ll need to write well too. Software developers are often asked in the business world to develop status reports.


Having an eye for detail is important in any job. It’s amplified when you are programming. Being on the watch for bugs is a great way to excel at our Costa Mesa coding class and beyond.


Having confidence in your ideas will help you to excel. Starting small is a good practice. A small suggestion in a meeting will help you gain confidence for when the time comes to redesign the entire application.


It’s important to understand how your programming interacts with the business. Having a well-rounded view of the network and hardware as well as other software in any company is critical. In other words, learn what you can to have a complete view of any businesses’ ecosystem.

Being well-rounded helps you contribute in different ways. If you can help to solve problems on several different fronts, you’ll be a more valuable employee.

Finally, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that technology is always changing. Being flexible is another great character trait you should work on. Some of the languages that you are working with today might be obsolete down the road.

Still, the foundation that you get at our Costa Mesa coding class will help you grow as your career develops.