The successful Orange County coding school candidate has certain characteristics that set them apart. Following are a few that make a big impression on hiring managers.


Impressive skill sets

Sometimes, hiring managers get the cart before the horse. While they look for individual skills like one year of Java, they need to be using a larger perspective. For example, an older software developer who’s taken the time to learn a new language on top of others is a perfect addition to any team.

These are the people that are willing to try new things and move in new directions. Besides, they already have an impressive foundation.


The ability to adapt to any work environment

Orange County coding school candidate

There are many different kinds of people who take up this line of work. Some software developers prefer to work in complete silence to get the job done. Others thrive in the chaos of a busy work environment.

A person’s preference here could affect their productivity. Of course the best Orange County coding school candidate will be able to finish the course and walk into any kind of work environment.



It’s important for any candidate to love this kind of work. That kind of passion translates into their classroom enthusiasm and spills over into the workforce once they are done. 

The best candidates are people who can describe themselves as computer geeks. These are the folks that are constantly tinkering with new applications and building servers.

A person’s hobbies can be an excellent metric to use. They can be a good indicator of whether they’ll make an excellent software developer or not.



It may not seem like it to an outsider looking in. However, being a software developer can be a job that’s full of an incredible amount of stress. That’s why the best candidates for an academy will have a certain grace under fire.


Business Acumen

A good candidate will also have a keen business sense. The best candidates will be able to look past the software application they are building to see the larger business perspective.

Being able to supply input that improves operations always makes for a good employee. It doesn’t matter whether they are a software developer or an engineer or anyone else in between. Making a business more profitable is always the long term goal. These are just some of the personality traits that go into an excellent Orange County coding school candidate as they begin their journey in the field.