We make becoming a software developer a reality. Join our growing community of passionate, driven, and motivated coders. People enroll at Redwood Code Academy Orange County coding bootcamp to change their lives by learning skills that the world needs.

A place to find your passion

Redwood Code Academy is a community of software development enthusiasts. Our students, staff, and alumni love what we do. Find your motivation and passion while you are here.

Our staff and instructors have decades of experience in software development. We are ready to take anyone from zero to hero.

Learn .NET

Gain the most employable and wide ranging technology skillset available. Put C#, ASP.NET, Unity and more on your resume.

Become a JavaScript Wizard

JavaScript is the swiss army knife of web development. Learn the in’s and out’s of this ubiquitous language.

Build All Types of Applications

Web applications are just one aspect of our curriculum. Also build mobile, desktop and cloud based apps.

Our tech partners Trustnet:

Trustnet’ team has more than a decade of penetration testing experience for all kinds of businesses. Learn more about their penetration testing pricing and find your security weaknesses before hackers do.

Gain a solid foundation in a highly employable skillset

The demand for software developers is at an all time high.  Start with the basics and build a toolset that will include everything you need to launch a successful tech career.

Create a portfolio to show employers

Our Orange County coding bootcamp students all graduate with a portfolio they can be proud of. Show the world what you can do.  The hands-on approach our classes take enable you to build something new and from scratch nearly every day.

Join a growing tech community

Redwood Code Academy is at the center of the fast growing Southern California tech community.  Join us as students and as alumni as we do great things both locally and globally.

Become a software developer quicker than you thought possible with a curriculum designed to lead you from A-Z.

Join the industry at a time when jobs are plentiful, developers are in demand, and you can control your future.

Find a career you love. Be passionate about your day job and learn that you can truly enjoy what you do for a living.

Alumni Spotlight

”Redwood Code Academy has been the gateway to infinite possibilities for me in the field of software development. I had no prior experience in anything having to do with computers. Harrison, the instructor and founder of the academy, does an excellent job of making sure his student get a full-scope view of how these full stack programs work and are related to each other.“

Neil launched his new software development career at Redwood Code Academy in 2017

Employer Network

We have an extensive employer network who have hired and are looking to hire more of our graduates.

2850 Red Hill Ave #130
Santa Ana, CA 92705

E: [email protected]
P: (714) 716-2128

Give us a call or drop us an email any time. We love talking with potential students and getting to understand their goals.

Our classes are held from 9 AM – 5 PM week days.

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