The job search starts after you graduate from our Costa Mesa coding academy. Armed with a new skill set that’s in high demand, you’ll start going to interviews. Here’s a few tips to help you land a good job and start on a new career.

Learn About the Company

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The company that wants you to work for them will want to know about you. However, doing a little research before you go to the interview shows interest. Not only that, it can help you narrow down your choices.

First up is to find out what industry the organization works in. Whether that’s healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, or even tech, knowing about them will make you feel more comfortable.

Find any recent news articles you can. Just a few minutes on the company website can help you learn about their culture. Here’s why it’s important.

At some point, the interviewer might describe a particular project you’ll be working on. It helps when you understand their objectives and goals. Knowing something about them before the interview makes you look professional and interested.

Get Digitally Prepared

After going through our Costa Mesa coding academy, you’ll have a good understand on how to work in a digital world. It’s why it should be no surprise that you should be ready to do an online interview.

That means being digitally prepared. The company might want to call you on the phone so you should test your VoIP system before. Checking the levels on your computer’s microphones can save some embarrassing fidgeting during the interview.

If you’re going to be sharing a screen, make sure to turn off any notifications. Skype is a popular business platform. If you have an account, make sure your microphone and speakers are testing properly before the interview.

Get Ready to Chat  

You’ll meet likeminded people at our Costa Mesa coding academy. You can practice answering the kind of questions you’ll get in interview with some of these colleagues. For example, people will want you to tell them about yourself in the beginning.

This kind of introductory chat during an interview also includes talking about your projects. Be able to talk about the bigger ones you’ve put on your portfolio.

Interviewers will want to know what went well and what didn’t. Answer honestly.

The skills you’ll get at our Costa Mesa coding academy will give you the confidence you need for an interview. These tips should help.