If you work in code, you probably know a woman or two that understands CSS programming Orange County. However, you might not have known there is a long history of women in the tech sector.

Here are just a few of the important benchmarks to consider:

CSS programming Orange County

  • There are fewer women with computer science degrees than men. In fact, research says that less than a quarter of the degrees from American universities in this field are being awarded to women. Many tech companies have well over 100 male programmers and only a handful of women.
  • Even the women who graduate with degrees in STEM (science, engineering, technology and math) find they can’t get jobs as easily as their male counterparts. In fact, the most recent data says only half of them are employed.
  • Once you drill down deeper into the situation, it becomes even worse for women. While women hold over half of the jobs in the workforce the only account for 25% of those in computer science.

However, there are some definite positive notes to strike here when it comes to CSS programming Orange County and women. Not only would we be happy to teach them the fundamentals of coding so they could get a good job, there’s historical precedent for them in the industry.

  • Bletchley Park Code Crackers. This elaborate team of code crackers helped to swing World War II around so the Allies could win. As you might have already guessed one of the central parts of this unique team was made up of women. When these codes were finally cracked, they gave the British advanced warning of the Germans plans to invade their country.
  • Jean E Sammet. If you are a woman who is thinking about learning coding today, you have Jean to thank. She was the first woman who earned her own computer science degree way back in 1968.

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