How to Get on The Front Page of Reddit

Reddit has about 330 million users worldwide. With such a large influx, it’s not surprising that it’s hard to get on the first page of Reddit. Everyone knows that Reddit’s front page is the most important page and is home to selected content from the entire site. Getting to the top is challenging, but realistic for those with patience and savvy.

The key to making it to the front page is to be an active user, analyze popular content and then post one, don’t neglect to leave comments and get as many upvotes as possible.

There are a couple of tips for getting to the first page of Reddit. We suggest combining them for the best effect.

1. Research which subreddits appear on the front page

When you publish content, make sure it’s directly related to the subreddit’s topic. If your post is on a popular subreddit, but it’s about something else entirely, it’s unlikely to be popular. Rather the opposite – because of the large number of negative voices it may be deleted. For example, if you write a post about some historic occasions on a subreddit focused on pictures of cute animals, you’ll probably get the number of votes you need to get kicked out because the topics are unrelated.

2. Create engaging content to share

Redditors love surveys, off-the-wall jokes, and new information. That’s why you should post something that other users haven’t seen yet, unique not outdated information. But above all, the post must be useful for the site, otherwise it can be deleted by the moderators.

3. Get upvotes

Anyone can share their opinion of a particular post by giving it their upvotes or downvotes. Always try to create unique content and then you’ll have a good chance of getting it noticed and moving up. A high number of upvotes will boost your post’s ranking on Reddit. Also you can buy Reddit upvotes to make your promotion easier and more efficient.

4. Interact with the commenters below your post

If you reply to other Redditors’ posts, thereby continuing a live conversation, other users will notice the activity and share their thoughts under your post. On Reddit, posts with live chat are noticed by more users and, accordingly, receive more votes. And more votes means more popularity.

5. Be aware that other Redditors can see the history of your posts

If you’ve messed up your story with angry or unsubstantiated comments, rest assured that everyone will know about it. And that depends directly on the number of votes and karma points you get.

6. Participate in the community

Comment, vote, and interact with other members on Reddit. If you know how Reddit works, you can get the results you want from your posts. If you’re new to the social network, however, you should start by following the subreddits you’re interested in and gaining experience interacting with them.