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Full Stack Immersion

Become a software developer. Learn from industry leaders within a vibrant and motivating community. Get the best coding courses in Los Angeles and Orange County.

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Join the Fastest Growing Orange County Coding Bootcamp

In our 12 week full time coding courses, you will gain the skills to launch a lifelong career in technology and software. With no prior experience required, we specialize in molding students into well rounded software developers ensuring absolute proficiency in the industry's most current and sought-after languages.

Learn .NET

Gain the most employable and wide-ranging technology skillset available. Put C#, ASP.NET, Unity and more on your resume.

Become a JavaScript Wizard

JavaScript is the swiss army knife of web development. Learn the ins and outs of this ubiquitous language.

Build All Types of Applications

Web applications Restful APIs and Console applications.

Introduction to Programming (Prep Period)

The Redwood Code Academy Prep program is a self-paced, from home program that covers the basic concepts of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Students will have open access to our staff to answer questions as they prepare for starting the full-time program.

Weeks 1 - 4
Web Development Basics and Front-End Programming

The first four weeks of the course will cover HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ES6), React and supporting frameworks like Redux and Bootstrap to ensure that all students have a solid foundation on what makes the web work. Students will also work on their first individual project in order to put all the new skills they've learned into action

Week 5
Cloud and Mobile Development

During cloud week, students will learn how to create mobile-friendly web applications in the cloud using AWS and related technologies like Lambda & API Gateway, DynamoDB, S3, CloudFront, and Docker.

Weeks 6 - 11
Back-End and Advanced Full-Stack Development

Learn .NET Core (including ASP.NET), C#, SQL, MongoDB, Mongoose, Entity Framework, REST, and Web API. During the back-end part of the curriculum, students will work on individual and groupprojects. Additional proficiencies that are taught to get students industry-ready: Agile, Scrum, algorithms, and data structures

Week 12
Full Stack Career

Upon completion of the development curriculum, we prime students to begin their job search. Thisweek is dedicated to preparing and optimizing student resumes, portfolios, GitHub, and LinkedIn profiles. Students will participate in mock phone screens and in-person technical interviews.

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Technologies Taught - A Peek

These technologies are industry vetted as a the tech stack to get you a job. We cover the most in-demand and current languages, frameworks and toolsets available.


Make modern websites with HTML 5


What businesses run on



Web services


Fundamentals of modern web design


Elegant, yet simple back-end language

Git Workflow / Github

Version control system


The programming language of the web


for maximum flexibility


A powerful CSS library


Create interactive UIs


For managing data in a relational database


No SQL database



When it came time to find a job, Redwood had my back. Harrison brought out some people that he knows from the industry to prepare us for what people in the market are looking for. Within about 2 months, I was accepting a job offer.

Kelsey Matthews
Alumni, 2018

Was Redwood worth it? YES! For me, it was the only way for me to learn. I struggled being able to sit at home and teach myself. 

Kyle P.
Alumni, 2016

The instructors were generous, light-hearted and knowledgeable instructors, you felt at the same time safe and challenged asking questions, providing input, and also working in the class while doing the lab.

Lisa D.
Alumni, 2017

The instructors are endlessly knowledgeable in a ton of technologies, computer science theory, programming concepts, and best-practices. Their real-world experience really shows. 

Neil M.
Alumni, 2016

A Team Dedicated to Your Success

We are industry leading educators. We take your success seriously and dedicate each waking hour to ensuring our coding course curriculum and instruction is geared for getting our students to their goals.


Our goal is to make our course financially viable for as many people as we can. We have options to pay off the tuition in as much as 5 years with deferred payments until after graduation.

Full Tuition


Finance as low as

$290 / month


  • When should I apply?

    Enrollment is ongoing and new cohorts start roughly every three months. Classes fill up quickly, so we recommend enrolling as soon as possibly if you are looking to join a specific cohort.

  • How is your course different from self teaching?

    Taking our class in person offers our students the ability to drastically expedite the learning process. Because our class sizes are kept relatively small, we are able to spend a lot of 1-1 time to mentor and get each of our students to their specifics goals. The industry experience and ability to give context for what our students learn allow us to put everything together in one cohesive format.

    Everyone runs into errors, applications that don't do what you want them to and other roadblocks in your journeys. The opportunity to have an expert sit down next to you to get you through that roadblock in 2 minutes, versus hours (sometimes) days, is one of the primary benefits of a small in person class like Redwood's

  • Are there scholarships available?

    We have a Women Who Code scholarship to promote diversity in the tech insdustry as well as a Veteran scholarship to assist our Veterans who are looking to transition to the civilian world.

  • What happens if I can't keep up?

    We simply spend more time with students who need a bit of extra help. This happens with different topics and at different times for all of our students. We will not leave any of our students behind if they struggle. By keeping our class sizes small and only hiring the best educators, we have been able to keep a 100% graduation rate

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