People from all walks of life enjoy our Orange County coding academy. They come back to tell us how much they learned and how coding has transformed their lives in many different ways. Many of these people have started new careers in the field. Here are just a few of the possibilities that you can look into after finishing our Orange County coding academy courses.

Orange County Coding Academy

Software application developers are always in high demand. These are the experts who are responsible for enhancing and creating the kind of applications you’ll find in smart phones, mobile devices generally and tablets. People who have the ability to see the big picture and love to collaborate with other coders will do very well in this particular career. Of course, you should have a good aptitude for mathematics and know coding basics to get a good start.

Skill Set

One of the other jobs that requires the skill set that you’ll get from our Orange County coding academy is Web developer. The mean salary is around $67,000 a year and a projected growth for this particular type of job through to 2026 is 13%. This particular type of coder is very important to today’s online marketplace. The reason is simple. These are the folks who plan how a website functions and looks.

As well as the knowledge base that you’ll get from our courses, web developers also need to be personable. It’s important for them to listen to what their clients want and be able to problem solve the needs they have for their businesses.

It’s important to remember that our coding academy has some of the best instructors to be found anywhere. These the folks that not only have an outstanding background and skill set, they are also dedicated. Our business is to help you get started in a brand-new career that will change the way you look at work.

Coder Jobs

Once you start looking around, you’ll see the number of jobs that you can land as a coder are almost limitless. Here’s one that not everyone knows about.  A database administrator needs to be able to troubleshoot, organize and secure large amounts of a company’s data online. It’s an important part of the big organization and one that you’ll be paid handsomely for.

These are just a few of the many careers that our Orange County coding academy will prepare you for.