For lots of the people who take our Orange County programming classes, the goal is to get a job with a big company or organization. Considering there’s always a lot of start-ups in the tech industry, we felt we should put together a few tips for impressing this new breed of CEO.


#1 Show Pride in Your Work

Some things change and others don’t. Everybody in management whether you’re putting together a new analytics firm or a company that makes ceramic toilet bowls is looking for employees who show pride in their work. Showing the leader of the new tech company that you’re always trying to do your best will put you on their list.

Even having a degree in coding is proof in the pudding. Showing the kind of analytical reason and dedication to problem solving that coding requires puts you in a special class.


#2 Be Able to Communicate

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Being able to communicate well means having the ability to put your thoughts in clear and concise sentences. That’s another offshoot of learning to code. The type of critical thinking that’s involved to be successful in both coding and communicating starts with coming to one of our Orange County programming classes.

One of the biggest obstacles that start-ups face is communicating the company vision to the teams. Understanding the logical sequences of coding can help you to put complex ideas into simple terms that everyone can understand.


#3 Show the Ability to Adapt

It’s important that you can show any prospective employer and their C-suite colleagues that you can adapt and rise to meet any new challenges. By virtue of the fact that you’ve learn how to code, you should impress any prospective boss that you have these attributes.

It’s important to understand that a start up is facing a constant barrage of challenges for years at a time. If you’ve decided to take your coding experience into a tech company, you will need to be on top of all of the latest innovation curves constantly.

The coding camps that we supply will provide you with the necessary education to get ahead. Whether you’re looking to start a new career with a big organization or startup, or just want to freelance, we can help. Take a few minutes to look through our website so you can see what our Orange County programming classes can do for you.