Our Orange County coding school wants to supply you with the necessary information to make
a success of your new career. That means we’ll teach you how to write code and anything else
you might need to get started in this lucrative and exciting field.

We know that our Orange County coding school can be both challenging and rewarding at the
same time. We understand that it’s nice to have a little break every once in a while. Looking at
lines of code all day is a great way to perfect your skill. However, it’s nice to give yourself a
little rest to recharge your coding batteries.

That’s why we thought you might like to read about the history of computers.

Did you know?

Orange County Coding School Anaheim

  • The language computers use today was developed way back in the 17th century? There
    were several different influences including Chinese text. However, a German philosopher
    brought everything together that became the foundation. That’s something that you can
    think about while you are writing code— there’s a long history behind what you are
  • Over the years, computers and coding have become invaluable in a number of different
    industries. For example, our orange county coding school likes to point out that
    accountants were happy in 1978 when the first computerized spreadsheet became widely
    available. One year later in 1979, word processing became mainstream with the ability to
    add margins and what’s commonly called word wrap.
  • The first personal computer was introduced in 1981. It was aptly named Acorn and used
    an operating system devised by Microsoft. Of interest is the fact that it also had one of the
    very first Intel chips on the market and two floppy disks.
  • Here’s another interesting date to note that has a little something to do with our Orange
    County coding school since we use the Internet and computers to teach coding. In 1985
    the first.com domain made an appearance. This was well before what’s considered to be
    the beginning of the Internet and by two years later there were only 100 dot-coms

Years later, coding has become an important tool in the digital toolbox of professionals. It’s a
high demand skill set that we teach because we’ve got years of experience and a passion for
coding. If you get in touch with our Orange County coding school today, we can start you on the
path to making your own history.