When people first look into our coding class in Los Angeles, they are surprised to find out coding has a long history.  Some people who know about the field say that coding goes as far back as the 1950s. However, it has a history that starts several hundred years earlier.


Let’s take a quick look.

Of course coding centers around computer programming languages. However, paper punch cards are often thought of as modern coding’s ancestors. Jacquard’s Loom had a series of these punch cards and threads back in the 1700’s.

This was considered a marvel at the time. It was basically a loom that could select its design from the patterns on the punch cards.

Experts agree that the first real type of programming language was created around 1945. The first commercially available language was developed in 1956.


Coding Class in Los Angeles Foundations 

coding class in Los Angeles

Our coding class in Los Angeles has built on some of these foundations. We specialize on making the process of becoming a software developer interesting and enjoyable. Redwood Code Academy prides itself on supplying all the tools you need to use C#, ASP.NET, Unity. We are a community of software developers and enthusiasts.

In fact, we are so compassionate about coding, we think everyone should know about its history too.  That said, the period from the late 1960s to the early 1970s brought a boom to different kinds of programming languages.


Early Languages

At least several of these early languages were the predecessors of the ones we use today. Of course the next big event for computer coding and programming was the 1990s and the Internet. With all the new computer systems that opened up, there were spaces for new programming languages galore.

Some of the names that you already know in the computer programming world have interesting people behind them. For example Grace M. Hopper was one of the early women who worked in the field. She popularized the term debugging.


Operating System

John von Neumann was also famous for working on the Manhattan project. He is considered to be the inventor of the operating system concept.

If you thinking about becoming a software developer, you’re in good company. The skill of coding has a long history. You could be adding your name to a lengthy proud  list by coming to our bootcamp.

Redwood Code Academy  is proud of the way our coding class in Los Angeles has brought this important skill set to everyone. Because we are considered one of the top coding Bootcamps in Orange County, we are always on top of all the latest innovations.