Orange County coding school

Because it’s important that our Orange County coding school stays ahead of all the innovations, we are always looking for the latest news to share with our students. Staying on top of what’s going on in the world is important to us and we know it is to you.

Here’s a few interesting things that have been going on.

Oracle Code had a tour that stopped by in New York City recently. Coders from around America met in the Big Apple to discuss their craft. Some interesting things that happened included a talk on a smart phone app that collected transit data so children could travel back and forth between school safely on the transit system.

These are the kind of things that coders do — our Orange County coding school can even teach you to do something that will help other people. We have experts on staff who are dedicated to the art of coding so the world will be a better place.

Diverse Group

It was called Oracle Cloud New York and it brought together quite a diverse group of people who are interested in coding. Of course, there were working software developers. However, there was a group of people interested in looking for a job in coding and students who are learning to code.

It’s an interesting cross-section and one that mirrors the type of people who come to our Orange County coding school. There’s a broad swath of students that understand what coding can do for them — how for some it’s a brand-new career path and for others of new start on the journey of their working lives.

Interesting Timing

 The New York event was held last March on International Women’s Day. It was interesting timing because the lecture series had the most female speakers of any event of its kind so far. There was also a luncheon for women in technology. A variety of women who are interested in coding showed up from several different countries including Uruguay, Finland and even Sweden.

It stands to reason there was a strong contingent from America.

Several of the women who spoke told stories of starting their own companies. Two women from Sweden who are proficient coders highlighted the fact they found the freedom to do things their way through coding.

If you’re wondering whether this is the job for you, consider the fact that our Orange County coding school has a diverse roster of people.