Once you’ve graduated from our Costa Mesa coding bootcamp, you’ll want to start your career. One of the next hurdles you’ll need to jump over is the interview process. No doubt, there’s a little bit of anxiety and a lot of questions that are going through your mind.

There’s no need to let your nerves get the better of you. Just keep these interview best practices in mind.

Think on Your Feet

Costa Mesa coding bootcamp

 Our Costa Mesa coding bootcamp will help you handle a variety of difficult coding situations. Our instructors pride themselves on being able to help each student think clearly and logically. You might be asked how you would improve a segment of code in an interview.

Being able to think on your feet as they say and draw on your experiences from our boot camp will help. Being able to come up with some manner of working solution is a good way to put yourself in the running for any position.

Think of Several Answers

If you get presented with a programming problem you need to solve in an interview, remember there’s usually more than one right answer. Experts in the field will tell you the interviewer is more interested in getting a glimpse into how you think than the actual answer.

Usually they are also interested in how creative you can be. That’s a good reason to think of several solutions at once.

Remember our Costa Mesa coding boot camp will give you the right tools to feel comfortable in the interview. Making the decision to become a software developer through us is the first step to your career. We are dedicated to making sure that you get the skills you’ll need for the interview and the job beyond.

Polish Up Your Credentials

We’ve always stress that your resume is just as important as your business card. It will give any prospective company that all important first impression. There are a few things that separate the resume that makes a great impression from one that flops. First and foremost, you will need to be consistent and use only two or three different font sizes.

That’s so the whole document has a consistent readability.

Breaking your resume up into readable chunks is a good idea. Categories should include skills, education and work experience as well as the projects you’ve worked on.

Our Costa Mesa coding bootcamp is proud of the fact a vast majority of our candidates get to the interview stage and beyond.