Of course you might expect that a Los Angeles coding bootcamp would want to drum up business. They might say that you should learn programming because it’s the wave of the future. Naturally, you’ll want some concrete evidence so we put some together.

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If you ask the average person to picture a coder, they probably have a stereo typical image. These people imagine somebody with a big brain and not much of an outside life. They might tell you they envision a person who can put together an app in as little as 48 hours. In short, these people might think of someone who can learn .Net programming quickly but are brainy and aloof.

That’s not the case anymore. If you take into account that Silicon Valley only employs 8% of the nation’s coders, you’ll see there’s a big swath who don’t fit the stereotype.


Blue-Collar Coders

In fact, the growing number of coders are replacing what used to be called blue-collar jobs. A recent article in Wired took a look at the recent state of coding and came up with some interesting ideas.

For example:

  • Big numbers are learning programming at a Los Angeles coding bootcamp and other locations. This means that by the numbers alone they are becoming the equivalent of what used to be skilled labor at an automotive plant.
  • The article goes on to say that the opportunities in coding should mean a dramatic shift in the way we teach. For example, the suggestions made that coding should be taught first at a vocational level and then carried on later. It’s all about a change in the way we think about this modern job.
  • There’s also a push on to introduce coding to people who are in the midst of changing jobs. Of course this is a big swath of our population as automation and IT replace manual labor at an accelerating pace.

There’s a flexibility and opportunity offered. Anyone interested in how to learn programming has the opportunity at their disposal to change careers even in midstream.

The numbers tell us that across the United States people are seizing the opportunity to learn programming.  In places like Kentucky, there is even talk about a good Los Angeles coding bootcamp replacing some of the jobs that were lost when coal became unpopular and miners lost their jobs.