We’ve always known at our Los Angeles coding bootcamp how popular coding was. However, once we started to dig into the research a little bit, we were surprised to find out how even young children want to learn how to code.

Research tells us that over 200 million students learned something about coding recently in their classrooms. Other statistics point to the fact that almost all American parents want their children to learn how to code.

We all live in a digital world. That’s why coding  is so important. Here’s a few other reasons why it’s such a fundamental for children.


It builds confidence

Children who learn how to code at an early age are building their confidence and creativity at the same time. It’s a real accomplishment when they can build simple projects and show them off to relatives and friends.


They learn more early

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Studies show that the fundamentals for learning a second language are the same as with coding. In other words, children absorb the concepts much better the younger they are. When they learn all about features like loops and conditionals when they are young, these concepts become almost second nature.


The fundamentals transfer

Children who learn to program at a young age do better in other disciplines like science, reading and math. Even though our Los Angeles coding bootcamp generally caters to an older crowd, it’s important everyone understands how critical it is to learn to code.

Keep in mind that the dream to become a developer doesn’t need to die just because you’re not a child anymore. We make becoming a programmer something you can do any point in your life.  The Redwood Code Academy prides itself on expert instruction.

Who knows? Maybe most of our instructors started out coding as children because they all have excellent experience to share. Our curriculum will help you to build all kinds of different web applications and do other things as well.


Driving Innovation

Finally, here’s one last reason why children should enjoy coding. It drives the kind of innovation that’s going to shape the future of their worlds. From tomorrow’s self driving automobiles to today’s world of internet marketing , it’s important that children understand how important coding is.

Getting in touch with us about furthering or starting your own coding experience is easy. All you need to do to get started with our Los Angeles coding bootcamp is to click on the Apply Now tab.