Not everyone that takes our Newport Beach web programming courses wanted to code from the start. There are quite a few success stories about people who used our courses to change career paths. Here are a few examples of folks who came from other careers to become software developers. 

Over the years, we’ve had a few accountants who decided to learn how to code. A lot of these people reached a height in that profession before deciding to change course. 

Once they got involved with our Newport Beach web programming courses, they found the careers meshed well together. Accountants need to be precise and to think in a logical sequence. Those are two attributes that work well with people looking to become software engineers.

Crunched Numbers

Coding Academy Los Angeles

Professionals who crunched the numbers found coding to be just as satisfying in a variety of ways. Helping clients move their businesses forward in a structured way was the satisfaction they found in both lines of work.

Our instructors take great pleasure in helping people change career paths.  The Newport Beach web programming courses help both young and old to get a new lease on life.

 Our courses will teach you how to become proficient in popular coding languages. We can even give you the skills necessary to break into the mobile apps market.

Another group of professionals that have switched to becoming software engineers are marketers. They tell us there are many similarities between the strategies they use in that field and how a coder approaches this new career path.


We weren’t surprised when we heard marketers wanted to learn how to code. After all, both skill sets allow you to put pieces of a puzzle together to satisfy end-users.

We are a community of software developers and enthusiasts. What separates us from the competition is the fact that we are motivated by a passion for what we do.

New Foundation 

Regardless of your previous career, we can help you put together a brand-new foundation. Remember, there is a demand for coders that’s unprecedented. We can teach you the basics so you can begin a lucrative career as a software developer.

If you’re looking to become a member of a rapidly expanding tech community in Southern California, you are on the right website. Our Newport Beach web programming courses can place you on a new career path.