We would guess that it would be safe to say that everyone who enters our Orange County coding academy has heard of cyberspace and the Internet. It’s done a few things for business that are on unequaled in human history. For example, the entry level for entrepreneurs across the globe is a lot lower because of it.

What’s more, your target audience can become global rather than just local if you learn a few web skills to get you going. Keep in mind we’re not talking about just having a skill set so you can write algorithms for one of the big search engines. Along with the coding skills that you learn at our Orange County coding academy, here are a few web skills that can make your horizons larger and enhance your presence online at the same time.

Content Management

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A lot of people learn to code are put off by the idea of content marketing. However, there is excellent value in this if you learn to do it properly. The very first step on this journey is to put together a blog. One of the best places to start is with word press because it doesn’t take a lot of technical know-how and effort.

Managing content is just another arrow in your quiver that works well along with the skills you learn at our Orange County coding academy. This is one of the first steps if you plan on branching out after you complete our course. Many of our graduates decide to start their own companies or worker as freelancers for themselves. Make no mistake about it, there’s a high demand for these services.

Metric Tracking

Of course, learning to code will help you become a software developer but you might want to add some more skills to your resume. Learning how to use some of the various analytical tools that are available like Google analytics can make you valuable.

This is especially useful if you’re starting your own business because it can give you a good overview of people’s browsing habits. There are many different metrics to look at and a variety of trackable numbers like keywords and top pages.

Basic coding is also a good tool to have for anyone in business. Along with some knowledgeable web hosting and domains, understanding rudimentary coding can give you an excellent business toolkit to work with. You can get your start at our Orange County coding academy.