Our Orange County Coding academy is always staying on top of all the latest trends when it
comes to coding. The more news on the subject we find, the more it proves that coding is
actually one of the most important skills you can learn.

Here’s a few things that we picked up this week scouring the Internet looking for news.

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  • India understands the correlation between coding and environmental issues. That’s why
    they’ve just announced recently the pollution control board there is developing a system
    to track biomedical waste. It’s an app that will be developed by expert coders. At our
    Orange County Coding academy, we’re always happy to see coding put to good use.
  • Some of the news that we pick up on isn’t exactly current, but that doesn’t make it any
    less newsworthy. For example, we found the story that the government of Canada is
    launching a $50 million coding program in Vancouver. There’s also another article about
    the government in Vancouver launching a challenge to women to get involved in clean
    technology. It involves women who are able to use their coding skills to develop
    technology to make the planet greener.

Of course, this is all welcome news to us and our Orange County Coding academy. We are a
community of software development professionals. All of us are committed to coding and our
motivation and passion is passed off to everyone who becomes involved with our Orange County
Coding academy. We have decades of experience and are always happy to share everything we
know with our students. Make no mistake about it. Demand for excellent software developers in
all fields is the highest it has ever been.

One of the things that we are extremely proud of is the fact that you can build all types of
applications after learning from our Orange County Coding academy. The more we read the
news, the more we understand how these applications are the engines that will drive economies

Coding is the wave of the future. When you look into what it can do for your future generally
and business specifically, you can see why it’s a fast-growing field.

Consider the fact that companies in the United States and all around the world are launching
third-generation omni channel solutions that require excellent developers. Just another reason to
look into our Orange County Coding academy.