When you enter our Orange County coding bootcamp, we are happy to teach you the skills that you will need to be a successful programmer. We also like our website to act like an educational resource. That’s why we put together a few tips on buying the best laptop for your career as a coder.

Here’s the thing. Laptops are the perfect workstation that fit right underneath your arm so you can carry them around. What’s even more important is if you get the right one they will run demanding applications for you.

Big Variety

Orange County Coding Bootcamp

Once you start looking around, you’ll see there is a big variety of these computers with different prices, features and they come in different sizes. Here’s just a few things that you want to look for.

The screen size is one of the most important aspects. You’ll want it to be comfortable even while you go through our Orange County coding bootcamp and of course for your career afterward. We always suggest that 12.5 to 14 inch monitors are the best because they are usable and portable at the same time.

Not a Lot Of Traveling

The smaller ones are great for children who are just learning to code and screens bigger than 14 inches are good if you don’t do a lot of traveling for your work. However, there’s a minimum battery life of 8+ hours that you should be striving for. This is the minimum you should buy if you plan on going anywhere at all with your new computer.

You should think about getting a two in one model if you want to double up your laptop and use it as a tablet. Otherwise a standard notebook type is what you’ll need. If you’re shopping for a future programmer in the family, we suggest Windows laptops and Chromebooks. These both offer a lot of functionality but in the end the one you decide on is a matter of personal choice.

Orange County Coding Bootcamp and Keyboards

When you’re learning to be a software engineer, ergonomics are an important part of any laptop purchase you make. If you plan on taking one of our courses, you’ll need to get a keyboard with good tactile feedback. You’ll also need to look for other features like enough space between each key so you don’t type in the wrong information by mistake.  

Finally, there are a few processors to choose from and noted companies like Intel to look at before you enter our Orange County coding bootcamp.