A recently published report puts the kind of technique we teach our Orange County coding school in the top 25 lucrative professions. There is no doubt about the fact that coding is a career for all different ages.

Learning some of the most popular coding languages gives you the kind of tools to succeed in this career. Here’s a list we have put together of some of the better ones that can help you get to where you need to be.


Orange County Coding School

If you ask around, many coders will tell you that this is considered the granddaddy of all computer languages. It’s really no wonder when you think about it — HTML has been around for nearly 25 years. Consider the other statistics like the fact HTML is used by 80.3% of all websites. It’s considered one of the top ranking programming languages since it is simple and readable.



This is the programming language that is used very often to make webpages more interactive. It’s important for anyone looking to get involved with our Orange County coding school because it’s the programming language responsible for many games.

Many websites use this language and you can find it right across the Internet being used by search engines like Firefox and even Internet Explorer.


Software Developer

We offer the kind of courses that can make becoming a software developer a reality. What’s more, we pride ourselves on being a community of passionate, driven people. All of our instructors have decades of coding experience to serve our valuable clientele.

Why don’t you add your name to our ever-expanding list of people who have found a career in coding?


Business Landscape

Sometimes, people who are thinking about starting a career in coding wonder why it’s so important to today’s business landscape and personal lifestyles. The answers are simple. Here’s a quick example that might help to shed some light on why this is so important.

All of the languages we described here and every other programming language is designed to make things simpler, to allow people to give instructions to a computer without needing to use old binary codes.

Early on, programming languages were clunky and time-consuming. Our Orange County coding school makes things quick and efficient.