When we put together our Orange County programming courses, we knew they would be popular. However, we didn’t really know just how many different ways that coding could help younger people develop.

Orange County programming courses

For example, strong writing skills and coding abilities go hand-in-hand. We’ve seen time after time how these two skill sets work together to guarantee children a successful education and good career. However, the pairing of these two things goes even deeper than we first imagined.

Technically, our Orange County programming courses can help mom and dad by teaching them how to code. They can teach some simple rules to their children and when the little ones create digital storytelling projects through computer language, they are actually improving their writing skills.

Here’s how all that works:

When you think about what a writer uses for tools, you think about sentences and words. Children who are learning to code are able to use animation music and pictures as well as words. Although some of our Orange County programming courses might be a little advanced for your children, there are story based games that force the little ones to use the same kind of logic their parents do at our boot camp.

Think of it this way. When your child is using even the simplest code through some kind of story based game, they are learning how to create narrative story lines. Not only that, they’re beginning to get a grasp on engaging dialogue and what’s called narrative pacing. Look at it this way, teaching your children the fundamentals of coding helps them around any kind of problems they have when the English teacher assigns them a creative writing test.

They Learn To Be Concise

The Orange County programming courses we teach can help you to start a new career path. Children who learn how to code learn how to express themselves in a concise manner. For example, when they first start it usually takes them a few different lines of code to make a character move across the screen. Soon they learned that the goal is to use all the tools at their disposal to express the ideas that they have their heads.

It’s a great starting point for their future and the time when they’ll need to write a college application. Keep in mind there are a variety of other useful applications for coding. Many people have joined the ranks of our Orange County programming courses because they are looking for their place in this ever-expanding field.