Our Orange County web applications course is great for folks who are looking to change career
paths or start out on a brand new one. Everyone seems to have an opinion about what age it’s
best to start learning coding at.

Orange County web applications course

We even came across a fascinating article about why one computer science expert thinks coding
should start in kindergarten.

This successful entrepreneur began a career way back in 2007 by selling some voice recognition
software to Microsoft. It was after the death of Steve Jobs, this expert at coding decided to look
at his own life and possible legacy.

This particular coder has a very interesting story. It ties in well with our Orange County web
applications course because it speaks to the entrepreneurial spirit. For example, this expert in the
field was a child in Iran and grew up in a neighborhood that was being bombed.

He went on to move to the United States and become a huge factor in developing coding skills.
Although he thinks that every child can start to learn coding as young as kindergarten, we like to
stress some other fundamental advantages in our Orange County web application course for
people of all ages.

  • We have found over the years that coding teaches people to think in a computational way.
    It really doesn’t matter what age you are, learning this skill can make your thoughts much
    more structured and logical. Our Orange County web applications course selections can
    help you mimic the step-by-step processes of a computer.
  • Learning how to code also helps with your creative side. Studies have shown that young
    children who learn coding at an early age learn “thinking out-of-the-box” is to their
  • Of course, it’s impossible to overlook the job opportunities that can come from taking our
    Orange County web applications course. There are many jobs available in a wide variety
    of business verticals today. Not only that, most studies point to the fact that today’s
    children will need to be technologically literate to be competitive in tomorrow’s
    employment market.

Children who learn how to code at an early age are also better at communicating their thoughts
and feelings to others. Why not take a minute and look at what our courses offer? We pride
ourselves on making sure our clients get the skills they need with top-notch Orange County web
applications course choices.