People who have taken our Orange County web applications course tell us about all the different
ways their lives have become enriched. Many of these people also told us that learning to code
helps them to solve other problems in their lives. They talk about how learning these skills
allows them to see what used to be big challenges in a new and interesting light.

Here’s some of the feedback we got from our Orange County web applications course graduates
when we asked them to share how they solved coding problems they’ve come across.

Look at The Problem Several Times

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Quite often people who are jumping into coding for the very first time don’t know where to start
when they are confronted with a problem to solve. Rule number one for many coders is simply
this — you need to understand the problem before you can solve it.

Here’s another simple process you can use that’s also taught by the experts at our Orange County
web applications course. If you try to explain the coding problem to a friend, you might get a
new perspective on it. It’s important to keep in mind that coding is a collaborative effort and you
should always be willing to look for help.

Take the Simple Route

Another excellent route to solving coding problems is about simplifying any of the patterns that
you see. One of the methods that works well here is to see if you can reduce any of the steps
you’re taking.

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Of course, a big part of the new skills you’ll learn is about problem solving. One of the final tips
here is about simplifying your code. If you’ve been paying attention to this blog, you’ll notice
how optimizing and simplifying any issues are two of the cornerstones we’ve covered here.

Making your code easier to read and work with is the end goal. Our Orange County web
applications course can help you to achieve that. Why don’t you get in touch with us today?