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Part Time Front End - Orange County

Become a front-end developer without quitting your day job. Learn the in's and out's of front-end coding in 10 weeks of night classes. Take part time software development courses in Orange County at Redwood Code Academy.

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May 8th 2018 - July 12th 2018

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July 24th 2018 - Sept 27th 2018

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Class Schedule

Tuesday & Thursday: 6 PM - 9 PM

Industry Leading Curriculum

Learn the fundamentals of modern front-end web development. We will be focusing on JavaScript and AngularJS for this course.

Learn how to be a professional front-end developer without needing to change your work schedule. See how our part time software development courses can fit your schedule.

Learn HTML and CSS

Build amazing looking and responsive web applications and web sites. Get in depth lessons on HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and more.

Become a JavaScript Wizard

JavaScript is the swiss army knife of web development. Learn the in's and out's of this ubiquitous language.

Gain a Real World Skillset

Understand modern web development techniques such as MVC, advanced JavaScript and Git

Weeks 1 - 2

We will cover HTML,CSS, Bootstrap and supporting frameworks. We will ensure that all of our students understand how the web works at a basic level

Weeks 3-5
JavaScript and jQuery

Use Javascript and the power of libraries such as jQuery to create dynamic websites that interact and change based on user interactions.

Weeks 6-9
Advanced JavaScript

In this phase, we will be creating applications using industry leading frameworks such as Angular.js. The focus will be on creating something complete and designed to impress potential employers.

Week 10
Portfolio Project and Career Prep

Create your dream project and find out what will make you stand out. We will spend several days prepping you for industry interviews and what it means to succeed in the wild.

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The demand for developers is higher than ever

Technologies Taught - A Peek

These technologies are industry vetted as the tech stack to get you a job. The most in demand and current languages, frameworks and toolsets available.


Make modern websites with HTML 5


To make beautiful modern websites


Fundamentals of modern web design


Become one with the command line


A swiss army knife language.


A powerful JavaScript library


Solve the most difficult challenges.


Source control


When it came time to find a job, Redwood had my back. Harrison brought out some people that he knows from the industry to prepare us for what people in the market are looking for. Within about 2 months, I was accepting a job offer.

Kelsey Matthews
Alumni, 2018

Was Redwood worth it? YES! For me, it was the only way for me to learn. I struggled being able to sit at home and teach myself. 

Kyle P.
Alumni, 2016

The instructors were generous, light-hearted and knowledgeable instructors, you felt at the same time safe and challenged asking questions, providing input, and also working in the class while doing the lab.

Lisa D.
Alumni, 2017

The instructors are endlessly knowledgeable in a ton of technologies, computer science theory, programming concepts, and best-practices. Their real-world experience really shows. 

Neil M.
Alumni, 2016

Employer Network

We have an extensive employer network who have hired and are looking to hire more of our graduates.



A Team Dedicated to Your Success

We are industry leading educators.  We take your success seriously and dedicate each waking hour to ensuring our curriculum and instruction is geared for getting our students to their goals.

Paul Epps
Lead Instructor

Tuition and Enrollment Fee

Our part time front-end class is designed to be accessible to as many people. We unfortunately do not have discounts or scholarships available for the part-time program at this time.



A $1,000 enrollment fee will save your seat and $2,500 will be due before the first day of class.

Frequently Asked Quesiton

  • When should I apply?

    Enrollment is ongoing and new cohorts start roughly every three months. Classes fill up quickly, so we recommend enrolling as soon as possibly if you are looking to join a specific cohort. Particularly with the part time program as the cohorts are spaced further apart.

  • How is your course different from self teaching?

    Taking our class in person offers our students the ability to drastically expedite the learning process. Because our class sizes are kept relatively small, we are able to spend a lot of 1-1 time to mentor and get each of our students to their specifics goals. The industry experience and ability to give context for what our students learn allow us to put everything together in one cohesive format.

    Everyone runs into errors, applications that don't do what you want them to and other roadblocks in your journeys. The opportunity to have an expert sit down next to you to get you through that roadblock in 2 minutes, versus hours (sometimes) days, is one of the primary benefits of a small in person class like Redwood's

  • What happens if I can't keep up?

    We simply spend more time with students who need a bit of extra help. This happens with different topics and at different times for all of our students. We will not leave any of our students behind if they struggle. By keeping our class sizes small and only hiring the best educators, we have been able to keep a 100% graduation rate

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