Our San Diego coding academy is always happy to teach our clients how they can fit in with innovation in the modern world through coding. The Redwood Code Academy is always interested in promoting diversity in the field. We also make it our business to assist veterans in developing the skills they need to transition into civilian life.

We also partner with some local businesses to offer scholarships based on merit. Of course all these things point to our belief that everyone should learn to code. However, if you’re still sitting on the fence, we’ve put together a few more reasons for you to mull over.


Freedom From The Office

One of the biggest advantages is the ability to break free from a traditional office setting. Learning to code means you can freelance and set your own hours and schedule. Of course there are still meetings and deadlines, but for the most part they are flexible when you work for yourself.


You Can Work Remotely

San Diego Coding Academy

Not only can you freelance when you learn to code, you can also work remotely. Technology allows you to work on the Internet with all of the latest innovations.  Our San Diego coding academy allows you to learn the skills that are in high demand in today’s modern world. We pride ourselves on teaching our clients exactly what they need to know like the ins and outs of JavaScript.


You Can Work Less and Earn More

Developers are in high demand. Quite often they can demand top dollar and have projects offered to them on a continual basis. It means they have the option of working less and charging more as they see fit.

A quick look on the Internet will provide testimonials from programmers who actually are in the position of turning work away.


You Can Work On The Side

Many people who will learn to code also learn to branch out. Being able to develop things like custom websites puts you in a class by yourself. Coding can help you do this and stay far ahead of the people who build WordPress sites without any coding experience.

Our San Diego coding academy has professionals on staff with years of experience. If you decide to use our services, you’ll find the atmosphere comfortable and friendly as well as informative.