Everyone who takes our Irvine coding courses looks for blogs like this. After all, being able to see a list of the jobs that wait for you at the end of our boot camp must be exciting. Although we can’t guarantee you’ll land one of these programming positions, our research put together a list of some of the best ones.

Web Developer

Irvine Coding Courses

If you ask some of our recent graduates, they will tell you that the Irvine Coding Courses we offer will put you in line to be a web developer.  As you work through our list, you’ll see other positions that pay more. However, a web developer is projected to be in a growth industry. In fact, research tells us that the web development industry will grow by as much as 15% to 2026.

That position starts out paying close to $68,000 a year.  What might be the most important factor is the popularity of this job. As more and more industry moves online, many start-ups are looking to have an outstanding website as their digital business card.

Systems Engineer

This is another one of the positions that you’ll be in good standing for after our Irvine Coding Courses. Two years ago, the starting rate for this particular job was a little over $88,000 a year. These important coders are responsible for fixing any application problems or issues with systems administration. They also look after a variety of network problems. 

Database Coordinator

The chances are, any company you apply to will be storing a vast amount of data online. Database administrators or coordinators are the experts who are tasked with recovering and analyzing any information. As more small businesses move their operations to the cloud, this particular set of coding experts becomes even more important.

Business Intelligence

This is another career that pays over $80,000 a year and is growing at a projected rate of 9% to 2026. This is an interesting career choice because it involves a little bit more than what our Irvine Coding Courses teach you. 

One of these professionals often gathers a lot of different information about the kind of products that are available within the trends in any given market. You need to use coding here but it’s not the only part of the job description.

Regardless of the career path you choose, our Irvine Coding Courses can help you get to where you need to go.