Our Riverside coding school can answer the age-old question: Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. That’s why we have so many mature people that join our coding classes. They understand the importance of this skillset to the modern digital world and want to be a part of it.

The Redwood Code Academy is all inclusive in that we welcome all different kinds of people to the world of coding. Here are a few reasons why you’re never too old to start writing code.


Reason #1: Older folks have a different perspective

Someone who is young but has grown up in the digital age still has a narrow perspective.  Building products for older age groups means having older people who know how to code. Take a moment to consider all the baby boomers who are retiring to the Internet and smartphones. When you do, you’ll see why having older folks who know how to code is a real asset.


Reason #2 : Older folks have connections

Riverside Coding School

Starting on a new career path might seem a little daunting for mature people at first.  However, those who have considered our Riverside coding school soon realize they have a ready-made network to sell their new talents to.

What’s more, older people have high-value connections that can help them get a new job or a series of freelance projects.


Reason # 3: The Challenge Keeps You Young

Here’s an interesting thought for older people who are thinking about learning to code. It’s always a good idea to challenge your mind as you age and coding is the perfect way to do that. Even if you don’t get a job at the end of a bootcamp, you’ve developed an outstanding innovative skill that you can use in any way you see fit.


Reason # 4: It’s a Modern Hobby

Coding is the wave of the future as far as employment goes. Even if you’re an older person who just wants to do it as a hobby, it will keep you relevant in our world. Keep in mind that if you’re looking for a new career, lots of companies are looking for people who can code and market at the same time.

There are many good reasons to get involved. Our Riverside coding school can help you get a fresh perspective.