A Coding Bootcamp in the Heart of OC

Become a professional software developer in just 12 weeks.

Full Software Immersion

Redwood Code Academy teaches the fundamentals of full stack software development in a 3 month immersive course featuring HTML, CSS, JavaScript, .NET, C# and SQL

  • Web Development

    Learn to create full featured, responsive web applications with technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Also learn Bootstrap, AngularJS, Knockout.js and Node.js

  • Mobile Apps

    Create mobile apps build for iOS or Android using the techniques and languages taught in this course.

  • Full Stack

    The job market is yours with a full stack development portfolio and skill set.

  • Job Ready

    Resume preparation, interview preparation and industry contacts are all part of the experience at Redwood Code Academy.

Inspirational Campus

We are proud to have a campus in the heart of Orange County that provides space, inspiration, technology and accommodations to let you focus on what you need to to be the best developer you can be. We also provide office space in the form of an incubator for entrepreneur graduates looking to found a new company and launch their idea into the marketplace.

Students Say

  • Redwood Code Academy has been the gateway to infinite possibilities for me in the field of software development. I had no prior experience in anything having to do with computers.┬áThe course is intense, but that is because it is meant for people like me. Harrison, the instructor and founder of the academy, does an excellent job of making sure his student get a full-scope view of how these full stack programs work and are related to each other.

  • I've learned more in 2 weeks than all my self-learning combined and am actually understanding how to use this in real-life situations.


Meet the team

  • Likes

    Ice cold beer

    Harrison Spain Founder and Lead Instructor

    Harrison has 16 years of professional software development and team mentorship experience. Harrison also spent 6 years in the Marine Corps as a tank commander and uses that experience in combination with his technical skillset to help mentor developers.

  • Plays

    Great table tennis

    Billy Pruden Assistant Instructor

    Billy has a long and diverse history of experience in tech startups and software development. His experience in software engineering brings a unique angle to the teaching style at Redwood Code Academy and rounds out our full immersion course.

Want to Learn More?

Get more information on our courses, what we teach, pricing and more in our informational packet.

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